Re: Camping Trip Greenflight!!: Into the Unknown ((Attn: Kinara/Arendelth, any chasers))


With Arendelth twisting herself higher into the air, luring her suitors higher even as she glanced back to examine those who had answered her challenging call, Kinara’s felt her green’s exuberance at the males seeking after her just as Kinara's body felt..nearly *crawling* with the sudden, desperate need flowing into her from Arendelth. 

As the first rider to approach her was an older very tall and bulky man, someone who would intimidate a person even if they *didn’t* have either Kinara’s history or her current flustered and kinda unnerved state of mind, Kinara didn’t immediately recognize that she’d met him before when he’d been walking his adorable dog nor did his words register with her. So, as he approached her first reaction before she could stop herself was to take a couple steps back from him giving a shake of her head. Her hand came up, just a little as she couldn’t stop the small sounding plea of “Wait, please…” from escaping her lips despite trying to hold it back.

A handful of heartbeats later her flight-lust brain caught up and she recognized the nearly hulking (in her mind) rider as the nice, friendly one who she’d already met, and then heard his attempt at reassuring her. Swallowing hard, Kinara kept herself still despite keeping her arms crossed in front of her, and with that same small apologetic voice replied with “I tried...tried to convince her to wait. She *shouldn’t* be Flying now, it’s too soon...and...and it’s *here*. I just..” and here Kinara’s rambling shorted out as she saw Bl’by’s gaze rake down her body. 

Seeing him looking at her so...candidly, caused a rise of conflicting emotions in the young woman. Kinara’s mind, still very much *her* despite the pull she felt to merge with Arendelth, instinctively wanted to pull away and protect herself as it screamed denials of ‘No, no, no! This shouldn’t be happening! Why would *she* do this to me without warning?!’ However, her body was already feeling getting the lust overflowing from Arendelth to her and had a different reaction. She pulled in a sharp breath as her back straightened abruptly, chest rising over her folded arms, and she practically felt heat following his eyes down her body. She even bit her lip to keep the whimper she felt in her throat from escaping. She was quite thankful when his eyes left her to scan their surroundings, as his eyes seemed to release her and give her leave to look around as well, which she gladly did. She was *not* (she told herself) going to rake her gaze over Bl’by like he did to her. She didn’t need to further examine his still kinda intimidatingly large frame...not if she was trying to get herself calm (well, as calm as she could be) after all. 

Her eyes darting around the clearing caught sight of another approaching man, Tolfast, who was rushing over to her. She wasn’t quite aware enough to notice that he wasn’t sporting riders knots, her brain just making the assumption that he was another participant in Arendelth’s Flight. His questions, however, had her turning a confused look at Tolfast but before she could revert to her previous apologies Bl’by was snapping at the other man in a tone that had Kinara flinching back from the bluerider. Did he *already* feel that possessive and sure of winning the Flight that he was warning off the other rider? 

Gulping a bit from his sharp tone and shooting Bl’by a hesitant glance, Kinara finally rambled out her apology to the newly arrived ‘rider’ Bl’by had just snapped at “I’m sorry green. She’s Flying far too early, when she shouldn’t be.”

However, as soon as the words to Tolfast left her mouth Kinara had another rider moving close to her when Bl’by’s focused shifted to Tolfast and, like a frightened puppy, the woman backed away from K’sway so that he wasn’t in range of touching her with a sharp “Wait!” That was directed to both the young looking rider who’d moved close to her but also the rider who’d arrived who seemed to be closest to her own age. Kinara, arms still hugging around herself, moved to keep herself out of arm's reach of the riders beginning to gather around her.

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Sixanth's head snapped up, and then the brown was winging his way after the rising green, utterly ignoring the other chasers- not that he thought a *blue* would be able to outfly him. ((Beautiful Arendelth, you will fly high and strong, and then I will be the one to catch you!)) 

K'sway blinked, his mind already partly with his dragon, taking advantage of the blue rider moving away to sidle towards Kinara more. 
Panterath wasted no words, only joined the other blue and brown chasing the rising green, the blue pacing himself, holding back just slightly for the final moment. 

((Mine. I chase.)) he told P'xian. 

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