Re: Camping Trip Greenflight!!: Into the Unknown ((Attn: Kinara/Arendelth, any chasers))


Edited Post(permission from Rosiegirl) 

Sixanth's head snapped up, and then the brown was winging his way after the rising green, utterly ignoring the other chasers- not that he thought a *blue* would be able to outfly him. ((Beautiful Arendelth, you will fly high and strong, and then I will be the one to catch you!)) 

K'sway blinked, his mind already partly with his dragon, taking advantage of the blue rider moving away to sidle towards Kinara more. 
Panterath wasted no words, only joined the other blue and brown chasing the rising green, the blue pacing himself, holding back just slightly for the final moment. 

((Mine. I chase.)) he told P'xian. 

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