Re: Sooo did you just not like me? {M'gil, T'rif}


"I'm sorry, I didn't know," T'rif said. "But I'm happy to get to know you now. And to introduce you to the rest of your family. Tell me about yourself, though."?<<
"I'll send Kiriona a message and see if I can figure out... I..."
M'gil slumpted a bit slightly unsure just how he should be feeling
right now. He had been all for being rejected or unwanted, but
unknown? That had not occurred to him somehow that the man wouldn't
have known about him. "I would like that Sir." he offered after a
pause, deciding that meeting the rest of his family did sound nice now
that he suddenly knew they existed, before there was another pause as
he tried to gather his own thoughts.

"I've not got too much to tell honestly. I was born in the Harper
Hall, loved my mother, loved my lessons, and had no issues with where
I was. When I turned 12 I liked it so much I decided to be a harper.
Things were good and once I hit senior apprentice at 17 mom managed to
get a flit egg from one of the gathers I think because she said it was
a Callamere, that's where I got Chel from. I also started traveling
round then, after a bit of extra training, to help with maping and
such. I managed to get my Journeyman knots at 22, though not before
Chel found a canine she insisted on keeping I call him Odd Ball, he
doesn't do much but she insisted we keep him. After my promotion I was
assigned to Benden Hold, or rather stationed there with the intention
of moving around to the smaller holds and helping them learn their
ballads and such which worked for a few months. On a couple days break
I decided to go see the Weyr and there just happened to be a hatching,
just my luck I guess and Tulioth found me in the stands."

Another brief pause as he frowned at the thought "I didn't want to be
a rider, still don't, nearly sent him between at least a couple of
times in our early months I think. We fight all the time and Benden
didn't like that I kept insisting I was a harper and that I prefer to
spend my time outside the Weyr when I can. Put me on rations for a
sevenday last time they got mad then sent me here because they didn't
want to deal with me anymore. I make sure to take care of him and I
don't care that 'Fall is dangerous or I could get hurt, I care I
didn't have a choice. My choice had been Harper not rider." he
explained if T'rif wanted to know about his life he might as well tell
him about how bad it had been recently...


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