Re: Camping Trip Greenflight!!: Into the Unknown ((Attn: Kinara/Arendelth, any chasers))

Laura Walker

And with those words still ringing, Kinara still trying to get her green to just *not* Fly, Arendelth’s muscles bunched under her and with a powerful downsweep of her wings the green was shooting up into the air, bugling her challenge to the males who were *her* suitors once again!

As Arendelth shot up into the sky, Kinara’s head turned up and her gaze followed her green for several horrified moments, still not even believing this was happening! But, the powerful waves of feeling from her green pouring over her so that she was beginning to feel even hotter than she’d felt when working earlier today assured her that this wasn’t just a horrible nightmare, it was really happening…

Swallowing hard, with red swollen eyes from crying and tear tracks still fresh on her cheeks, Kinara turned around with wide eyes and spotted whichever rider (or riders) *might* happen to be gathering around from Kinara’s first near yelling attempt to keep her green on the ground. Her first words to those who might approach would be a stammered, flustered, *totally* unprepared “I’m sorry!...I’m so, so sorry! She wasn’t supposed to, not tonight. She literally Flew at the beginning of the month! I’m sorry, she’s normally so regular, every 10 sevendays! I just..she wasn’t supposed to! Not now….not with this having happened!”

Kinara, who’d always been *so* careful keeping track of Arendelth flights so that *she* could prepare herself for the Flight, not just the proddyness but the *actual* Flight and ending up in bed with someone who couldn’t always be her Mate Kiloka, was...totally unprepared for this! Her arms were wrapped tight around her chest, hugging herself and even more conscious of the fact that under her shirt and pants were *nothing* due to her spur of the moment bath and clumsiness in dropping her clean underthings in the water. Her hair, which had been nearly soaked at the meeting hadn’t dried very much and still hung there not having had a chance to brush or do anything with it, the horrible news sweeping it from her mind entirely.

Traynth hadn't even paused to yell to his rider. Traynth never did. Traynth went from curled miserably in a heap to forgetting entirely that he was grieving in his rush to chase the green. Like rider, like dragon and Bl'by had always viewed 'I need something to distract me from what my head wants to think' as a fair solution. Without this, he would likely have been making quiet moves towards N'yx over the next couple of hours, or if he was otherwise occupied anyone who looked willing. B'by had never been particularly picky when he came to matters like that.

But a greenflight? Well, at least it took away an element of having to make decisions.

"Hey, it's fine. It's a flight is all. Not the best night for being lonely anyway," he said reassuringly, his own anxiety abruptly swept away with the sudden rush of must fly, must catch from Traynth. Traynth had always been very focused and it was difficult to feel worry when your body was suddenly anticipating getting laid at some point in the very near future. Without meaning to his gaze flicked over her appreciatively for a moment - very appreciatively when it came to the obvious lack of anything under her shirt -  before he forced his eyes away to glance over those present. Were there still Candidates about? Bad place to be for anyone who didn't want to be mothed - or indeed just get an eyeful of undressed chaperones.


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