Camping Trip Greenflight!!: Into the Unknown ((Attn: Kinara/Arendelth, any chasers))


Before she’d left on the trip, she’d made sure to leave her green flit Alyss with Kiloka, so that if he needed to reach her (not having a flit himself) he’d be able to easily. But as soon as she’d heard the news from T’rif, Kinara had hurriedly gotten Arendelth reach and speak to Kiloka to find out if he and everyone were ok. And, to her huge relief, her Mate and daughter were totally fine even if they were both upset at what had happened. Relieved at that, then she’d registered the news that some of the eggs had been crushed, and that not only was the WW injured to an unknown extent but also Foreth and the clutch’s two sires. As she hung around on the edge of the grouping hugging herself, listening as questions were asked and answered, Kinara did her best to not begin crying for the lost eggs even though her sadness had flowed down her connection to Arendelth causing the green to huddle down to the ground, hug her tail around herself, and whimper in sadness. 

She’d managed, barely, to hold her tears back until all the questions had been asked and they’d been told to go off and come to terms with what had happened so that they could be prepared to counsel and comfort the candidates in the morning. As she wandered off, moving numbly, she’d not gone to her tent. No, she’d gone over to where Arendelth lay curled up in the grass and began to let out her tears against her green’s neck as Kinara hugged her green.

Arendelth, who was sad herself, let out small whimpers as she felt her person shaking as Kinara cried against her. Arendelth was only whimpering and not full on keening for the lost eggs because Kinara had been very clear that the candidates were *not* to know about what had happened until the morning, so there could be no keening. The green tried to curl around the woman, lifting a wing as if to protect her and shield her from others eyes. But there was nothing else Arendelth could do to try and comfort her lifemate as she was so completely sad too about the eggs. How could two people who were sad comfort each other? The green didn’t know, normally her person’s Mate comforted her lifemate, but he *wasn’t here* and Arendelth knew Kinara well enough that she would not go and seek comfort from another person. 

While Arendelth pondered her dilemma, still trying her best to comfort Kinara, Kinara was sunk deep in her emotions which were, for some reason, hitting her much harder than she thought they should be (deep in the back of her mind where logic had been shoved). And while she cried, all she was able to manage thought-wise, aside from how horrible it was that Foreth had lost some of her babies, was that she so *desperately* wished that Kiloka was there to put his arms around her and let her cry into his shoulder. All she wanted was him to be there for her, and Kinara was at the point of regretting having volunteered to chaperone because she just...just *needed* him. 

Kinara’s emotional, tear-driven, ‘babies are dead’ need for Kiloka, her need for comfort that Arendelth was trying and unable to give her, the green’s own knowledge that her person *wouldn’t* be able to get comfort from someone else even though she needed it because her Mate wasn’t here, the green’s own want for comfort and someone large and warm to snuggle against her, the pair of them just feeling *so deeply alone* in their sadness...the whole horrid situation itself was ‘A Perfect Storm’ (trademarked) for the green dragon who absolutely *hated* to feel alone to push herself into the *ONE* thing she could think to do that would solve both her and her person’s ‘alone and need comfort’ problem. She would Fly!

Kinara felt the sudden determination and emotional flip of her green like a punch to her gut. Gasping as she pulled her head up, tears still shining on her cheeks, Kinara’s first shocked sight was of the bright cheery green hide of Arendelth’s neck fully glowing. With a first horrified exclamation of “No!” Kinara’s eyes swung to look toward her green’s head. Arendelth, who’d turned her head to look at Kinara with eyes whirling fast with a mix of lusty purple and red of extreme grief and being ready to rise.

Stepping back as if putting distance between her and her green would help Kinara to reason her green out of Flying, she also stammered out a horrified “Arendelth?! What the Shells are you doing?! You’’re not supposed to Rise now! You just Flew at the beginning of this month! And Kiloka, he’s not even here! You *CANT* Fly now!!” Trying to keep her voice level as she quite reasonably attempted to chastise Arendelth into **STAYING ON THE GROUND**, Kinara was not the least bit successful and with every word she spoke her her voice rose so any other riders who might be nearby, by the end of her talking, would probably know *exactly* what she was talking about.

Arendelth just watched her person stumble back, letting Kinara’s words wash over her, just sent back {{I’m alone, you’re alone, we’re both sad and need comfort. I’m going to fix that, get us comfort and not alone. Alone is *bad*, especially right now. We will *not* be alone tonight!}} With that, Kinara had stumbled back enough that the green was sure she could move without bumping her person and took a couple extra steps away from Kinara just to be safe.

Even as Arendelth heard Kinara stammering, still trying to hold her green back from Flying even though she’d never before even *needed* to try holding her green back, the now glowing green raised her wings wide as she reared back her head and gave the *loudest* bugle she could while at the same time her mindvoice rang out in challenge {{I need you! *WE* need you! We will *not* be alone tonight! Follow me into the unknown!!}} 

And with those words still ringing, Kinara still trying to get her green to just *not* Fly, Arendelth’s muscles bunched under her and with a powerful downsweep of her wings the green was shooting up into the air, bugling her challenge to the males who were *her* suitors once again!

As Arendelth shot up into the sky, Kinara’s head turned up and her gaze followed her green for several horrified moments, still not even believing this was happening! But, the powerful waves of feeling from her green pouring over her so that she was beginning to feel even hotter than she’d felt when working earlier today assured her that this wasn’t just a horrible nightmare, it was really happening…

Swallowing hard, with red swollen eyes from crying and tear tracks still fresh on her cheeks, Kinara turned around with wide eyes and spotted whichever rider (or riders) *might* happen to be gathering around from Kinara’s first near yelling attempt to keep her green on the ground. Her first words to those who might approach would be a stammered, flustered, *totally* unprepared “I’m sorry!...I’m so, so sorry! She wasn’t supposed to, not tonight. She literally Flew at the beginning of the month! I’m sorry, she’s normally so regular, every 10 sevendays! I just..she wasn’t supposed to! Not now….not with this having happened!”

Kinara, who’d always been *so* careful keeping track of Arendelth flights so that *she* could prepare herself for the Flight, not just the proddyness but the *actual* Flight and ending up in bed with someone who couldn’t always be her Mate Kiloka, was...totally unprepared for this! Her arms were wrapped tight around her chest, hugging herself and even more conscious of the fact that under her shirt and pants were *nothing* due to her spur of the moment bath and clumsiness in dropping her clean underthings in the water. Her hair, which had been nearly soaked at the meeting hadn’t dried very much and still hung there not having had a chance to brush or do anything with it, the horrible news sweeping it from her mind entirely.


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