Re: Rally The Troops! ((Attn: K'el, Any Weyrlings))

Jenna Cunningham

Sidyal had been held back doing more Between visualization exercises with Belleth when the Weyr shook. Her green lurched upright immediately, trumpeting her alarm and excitement, and forgot all about the static scene she was supposed to be passing back and forth to Sidyal: <<The eggs are in trouble! They are being attacked by evil doers!>>
"What?" Sidyal blurted aloud, eyes widening in alarm.
<<The heroic Alberith has called everyone together, just like in the stories! He's going to rescue the eggs and drive off the invaders!>>
"The who?" Sidyal asked again, feeling her alarm grow. The 'heroic'? When had she paid so much attention to any of the bronzes before, anyway? Was that - 
Wait. Wait, wait, wait.
They were under attack?
Sidyal, with Belleth following behind her, ran from the study room, bursting into the common area.
"What's going on?!"
Oh, thank Faranth, the Weyrlingmaster was here.

<<We will join Alberith. He is the hero, but the hero needs a party of loyal adventurers to help him save the day!>>

"Absolutely not."

For once, she managed to exert some control over her moon-eyed green.

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