Re: Rally The Troops! ((Attn: K'el, Any Weyrlings))


Ko’ssen was in the middle of doing some paperwork in his office when there was a loud boom that seemed to shake everything, sloshing some of his klah onto the hide he’d been working on. But he quickly put that from his mind as the next second Zerenth was giving him updates of {{The Cavern, the eggs are being attacked! The Weyrwoman’s hurt! We must help them!}}

He could feel his bronze rearing up, furious at the attack on the Hatching Cavern and those unhatched dragons. It didn’t *matter* that the eggs were not Zerenth’s, the attack itself was completely unethical! He *needed* to be there to help them. 

Ko’ssen, however, was already standing up at his desk and gave his bronze a very firm [[No! I’m sure the healers are already heading over there, and the guards with whers too!]] Zerenth, who was listening to the calls going out and looking over toward the Hatching Grounds from their ledge, wings half-spread like he was going to fly over anyway, sent his person a grudging {{Yes, you’re correct. I’ve heard the calls. They are going, the healers and wher-guards.}}

Giving his bronze a wave of approval, showing he was glad the bronze was still listening even though he could feel Zerenth’s nearly overwhelming desire to go to where the problem was and help, Ko’ssen said [[Ok, that’s good that they are going. That’s what their experience is. You, Zerenth, you are needed *here* at the Barracks. Our young charges need you to help keep them calm right now. *These younglings* are where our duty is now, to help *them*.]]

Being told that *he* was needed, that gave the bronze something to focus on in the emergency, something other than just sitting there being useless unable to go help at the Cavern. And the bronze quickly settled back on his ledge directly outside of the Barracks. 

Ko’ssen, having settled his bronze into helping, finally got out of his office moments after the boom echoed. Hurrying out of the office hallway toward the weyrside door, he arrived just as several of the weyrlings were assembling by the barracks entrance. Arriving just in time to hear AWLM F’gan’s attempt to calm the weyrlings, Ko’ssen strode forward to lend his own assistance even as he gave Zerenth some instructions. 

The bronze, per his rider’s request, was quickly reaching out to the AWLM dragons sending out a call {{Weyrlingmaster dragons, see to your mentees. Weyrlingmasters, we *need* you in the barracks to assist the weyrlings, both the older and the younger class.}} 

With the call put out, Zerenth himself reached out to the young bronze Alberith who was calling forward all the other weyrlings dragons and in a calm mindvoice the bronze said {{Brave Alberith, you and your clutchsibs stand ready to guard the barracks. I can see that, but as leader you must also make sure to keep those who follow you calm, not to stir them up and upset them. I could greatly use your assistance, Bronzeling Alberith, in keeping your siblings calm and settled. Panicked riders and dragons can get hurt, and the healers are all needed in the Cavern for those waiting to Hatch.}} Zerenth hoped that his play on the brave bronze to assist keeping his siblings calm would get through to the young bronze, which would then get through to all the other weyrlings. 

Ko’ssen, keeping his voice quiet just like F’gan, also raised up his hands to get the weyrlings' attention and added his own voice to help with what AWLM had already directed them to do “Weyrlings! Your worry and your lifemate’s worry are compounding on each other. Take deep breaths and try to calm yourselves, so that your dragons can calm down too. The healers are already at work helping in the Cavern.”

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{{Not that way!  This way.}}  Quineth gave a silent tug then set off to where Alberith was waiting, soon coming to a stop before him.  {{My Dreamer and I are here.}}

"The best way for us to help," said N'kaer as he joined the assembly, "is for us to form up and wait. We'll keep each other safe here. If we go out looking for trouble, we're bound to find it, and not in a good way."

"Mandath is calling to Reyhoth and Kalineth... and R'kyo says we have the right of it. Weyrlingmasters will come to check on us as soon as they can, but everyone is spread thin because of the Candidate excursion."

"We can form a perimeter here. If anyone is targeting us, too, we'll see them coming before they can touch us." He did not think it likely, but he wanted to give his classmates something to focus on.

"K'el, what do you think?"

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