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Laura Walker

"You did great, you got her out, you can let us handle this bit now," Cremsden said reassuringly. "Let's just check you're all right now, yeah? You able to get your trousers down to show me where that blood's comingĀ from or you want me to cut them off?"

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"Let me just check you over," Cremsden said, his tone shifting towards the soothing as he approached the man. "We can handle moving her, don't worry, it's going to be moving her without hurting her, we can do that. Can you sit down for me, lad?" And maybe a guard who towered over him wasn't the type of person who might warrant that tone usually, and maybe Kodah was a bit old for that 'lad' but some habits were automatic when faced with a possibly shocky patient. "Were you stuck in there?"

"I..." Kodah thought back to exactly what had happened. His instincts had taken over, so he had to reconstruct the memory purposefully. What did I do?

"I was posted between the temporary weyr and the entrance to the caverns. Far enough away to give Kassia privacy, close enough to come if she called. The structure was between me and the blast, and I was facing away, so I thought... I thought I was untouched."

"I went in with Sniffit to find Kassia and pull her out. Maybe there was something sharp in there that I didn't notice..."


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