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Opafergon gritted her teeth at the sound of an explosion, "Shard it all!" that sound was one she was far too familiar with any more and she didn't sharding like it! "Ravid lets go!" she yelled even as she grabbed up the gear she has been working on securing strapping it on while running now. Passing Petiner on their way out she nodded in approval of the boy making sure his wher was following as they left.

Ravid followed after his human with a screech as soon as they left the barracks and hit the weyrbowl. A bit ahead he spotted one of the others and quickly reached out to Nevena ((Ravid come! More Come!)) He told her knowing the other guards by site and always willing to reach out and advise them of what was happening when he spotted them. He could hear the other guard behind them, the boy and the little blue, and reached out to the little blue ((Lil blue be gud. Lil blue close!)) he advised the young wher wanting to make sure the young wher was a help rather than a hindrance.

Petiner wished that was not a sound that was so well known, wished he had had more time to train Little Wher before something big happened, wished lots of things, but well those things did not matter right now. He was running as fast as he could trying to keep up and doing rather well except when Little Wher started to fall behind and he had to slow some to make sure the blue could keep up. He would be glad when the wher was bigger and could keep up better. For now though he was just glad that the Little Bundle Of Hide seemed to be focused as the bronze wher of Opafergon. They had worked with her some to try and work on their bond and maybe that was why the blue was following them? He didn't know and right now Pet didn't care.

At Ravid's comment, Nevena inclined her head but didn't look back.  She knew with the other Guards following behind, especially with Whers, she'd not need to keep as much of an eye out for anything behind her.  Instead her attention stayed on their destination, which she was rapidly approaching, she quickly slowed as she came up to the outside of the Hatching Caverns.  With the damages to the Caverns and the dragons around that'd been protecting it, she wasn't about to plunge in to help without announcing herself.  "I'm Guard Nevena.  I'm here to help."

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