Re: Sooo did you just not like me? {M'gil, T'rif}


The man looked oddly like him, but T'rif had no reason to think they were related or had even ever met. The words caught him off guard and he frowned with confusion.
"Excuse me?" <<

"Kiriona my mother told me your name every time I asked about my dad,
she said it was a one time thing she never told me more just that it
happened and she knew it was you. You never wrote to me though and I
didn't know how to find you until my promotion, but thanks happened
and I couldn't try to find you. I never heard anything from you . Did
you just not like me, or did you just not care about your kids? I've
realized some riders don't." M'gil offered mentally cringing at how
badly worded that was. He was a harper and he really should be better
with his words.


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