Re: A Queen's Panic and Heartbreak atten: Andronda/Foreth/ALL

Laura Walker

The pain was in the needing to go to her (no amount of usual animosity would not have been over-written by what had just happened) and not daring to move. To move would be to threaten more eggs, and Talith dared not shift his feet even an inch without knowing where they lay on the Sands. He stretched his neck out blindly in the direction in which it felt as though Foreth should be in, seeking to comfort with touch without being sure of finding her.

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There was nothing that could be said at the moment to console the hurting Queen. Her lifemate was in a bad situation and some of her eggs were crushed, at least some of them by herself. She leaned into the mental voices of the sires and Nykantiath, taking rare comfort.


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