Re: Rally The Troops! ((Attn: K'el, Any Weyrlings))


{{Not that way!  This way.}}  Quineth gave a silent tug then set off to where Alberith was waiting, soon coming to a stop before him.  {{My Dreamer and I are here.}}

"The best way for us to help," said N'kaer as he joined the assembly, "is for us to form up and wait. We'll keep each other safe here. If we go out looking for trouble, we're bound to find it, and not in a good way."

"Mandath is calling to Reyhoth and Kalineth... and R'kyo says we have the right of it. Weyrlingmasters will come to check on us as soon as they can, but everyone is spread thin because of the Candidate excursion."

"We can form a perimeter here. If anyone is targeting us, too, we'll see them coming before they can touch us." He did not think it likely, but he wanted to give his classmates something to focus on.

"K'el, what do you think?"

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