Re: Rally The Troops! ((Attn: K'el, Any Weyrlings))

Mya L. R.

On Sat, Aug 29, 2020 at 5:00 PM Ariel Rogers <> wrote:
K'el felt the explosion rock the Weyr from where he was, leaping immediately to his feet. "Storms, what was that?" He gasped. Alberith heard the dragonspeak that his rider did not, and immediately alerted not only K'el, but every Weyrling pair within the Barracks. ((The Weyr is under assault! Rally, men!)) He bugled with a commanding air, galloping hurriedly to the front rooms. ((Rally and form ranks! Roll call! We join the battle forthwith! Step to it, Mine! Unbar the doors and make way.)) 

He stamped to an impatient halt before the doors, beginning an antsy patrol back and forth before the closed entrance. ((Weyrlings, assemble!))

Q'yon could remember the messes he once made, before Quineth that is.  The green seemed to keep him distracted from being able to accidentally trip over anything, or move too fast, or anything like that.  It felt strange sometimes to make it to laying down at night and realizing he'd not made some giant mess that'd need cleaning up, or apologizing for.  That wouldn't be an issue today.  The boom made him jerk, and jump, causing all the papers he'd been carrying to fly up into the air, fluttering down far more lazily than the rush of thoughts plowing through his head.

Even Quineth swung around in surprise, her tail whipped about behind her.  {{Something went wrong!  Very wrong!}}  She paused as she heard the call from Alberith.  {{We hear you, Brother Alberith!  My Dreamer, deep breath, the papers can wait, we'll be needed.  Alberith is calling for us to assemble.}}

Papers?  Oh, right the papers, that definitely hadn't been the cause of the boom.  Q'yon shook his head vigorous.  [[Assemble where?]]  He asked with another shake of his head, but already took a step in the direction they'd been facing, not quite having processed that he'd not been told where they were to go yet.

{{Not that way!  This way.}}  Quineth gave a silent tug then set off to where Alberith was waiting, soon coming to a stop before him.  {{My Dreamer and I are here.}}

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