Re: Healer Coming Through - Can You Take This? Attn Any


If he'd been trying to hear, the likelihood was that Cremsden would have given himself a headache and still ended up with a garbled message. As it was, the shriek from the baby had most of his attention and his head jerked around, startled by the shout. For a moment he stared at the wher, only just noticing it, trying to assess the danger.
"Was-- was that what that was? Feck." There was nothing, nothing, that
made him want to follow the wher. For a moment he eyed boy and wher
warily. If this was some.. some weird trap to separate him from the
baby, who would know?

"Bitey, go with Arden," he said after a second, and wonder of wonders
the blue firelizard did as he was told, moving to scramble from
Cremsden's arm to Eolus' shoulder. At least he could be reassured that
if the lad tried to hurt the baby he might be doing so minus an ear.
"He'll eh, help you find Margana," he said, reluctantly moving to
follow the wher.

Sniffit bounded off again toward where Kassia now waited with two
Healers and Kodah. Kodah said more Healers was good. This one was...
well, he was probably a Healer. Or else he could go hunting for
another one.<<

Eolus nodded "I think so sir, that doesn't sound like dragon talk and
I know flits can't use words so I would guess that was him as I've
never talked to a wher." he explained careful not to jostle the baby
more than needed as he was already cranky no need to make him worse.
He glanced at the one winged blue disregarding any scratches "Hello
Bitey? And Arden?" he questioned the blue and the baby once the man
had run off "Lets find your Margana." he offered moving out of the way
of the growing crowd and towards some of the dragons who had showed

He spotted a green who was just landing with their rider and moved
towards her "Sir, we need your help if you will!" he called out trying
to rock Arden to help the little boy calm some. Being so unhappy too
long could get them sick if they weren't already and he didn't want

K'del paused in his rush to settle his bag and get in to face the
older male blinking "Erm, yes?" he offered his flow interrupted.

"Can you have your girl try to locate a blue by the name of Zlorenth?"
Eolus questioned after a moment to remember the blue's name and not
just his rider.

"Sure." K'del agreed and Franjeath reached out hunting for the blue.
K'del shifted in place for a moment glancing at his green and the boy
before nodding "I have to go, but Franjeath will help you." he
promised before rushing off.

Eolus was not used to trying to deal with any other dragons then
Ichbith just blinked at the tiny green "Erm hi Franjeath?" he
questioned once more left with a dragonetic not his and a bit out of

{{Zlorenth. I am looking for Zlorenth. There is a boy with a tiny
human and flit looking for him.}} The former TT green called out to
those she could find who weren't already busy. Before reply could come
thou Foreth was keening and she was adding in her voice.

Eolus cringed again at the sound of the keening dragon so close
pulling the baby a bit closer and trying to shield his ears from the
loud noise so close. He knew he couldn't block it out, but hopefully
he could help it so it wasn't so loud to Arden even as he tried to
reach the green dragon. "Franjeath? What's wrong little green? What's
happening?" He questioned while trying to also be careful still to not
disturb Bitey because well that name probably said all he needed to
know about the blue flit.


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