Re: And the Sun Falls atten: Kassia/Kodah/Healer

Vicky Orman

Normally they would insist on going to the Infirmay but Kassia was the weyrwoman, not in danger of anything immediate right now so though he wanted to get her out of there now, he would agree to that.
"I'm going to put some numbing on your head as well," he said. It wouldn't do much aside from stopping the muscles spasming in reaction to pain but he couldn't administer anything stronger until  the situation was calmer. He took the numbweed from Vayka and  administered it. "We'll just make sure your arm is stable as well - how is it?" he asked Vayka.

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"O...okay," Kassia said. She wanted to shut her eyes again, but Foreth had finally stopped being panic. She didn't want to throw that in again on top of the keening. "I...I need to see Foreth before you can take me to the Infirmary."

((Love, I'm with you,)) she told her lifemate. ((You did everything you could. This is not your fault. This is the fault of whoever did it."

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