Rally The Troops! ((Attn: K'el, Any Weyrlings))


K'el felt the explosion rock the Weyr from where he was, leaping immediately to his feet. "Storms, what was that?" He gasped. Alberith heard the dragonspeak that his rider did not, and immediately alerted not only K'el, but every Weyrling pair within the Barracks. ((The Weyr is under assault! Rally, men!)) He bugled with a commanding air, galloping hurriedly to the front rooms. ((Rally and form ranks! Roll call! We join the battle forthwith! Step to it, Mine! Unbar the doors and make way.)) 

He stamped to an impatient halt before the doors, beginning an antsy patrol back and forth before the closed entrance. ((Weyrlings, assemble!))


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