Re: Sooo did you just not like me? {M'gil, T'rif}


T'rif was surprised to see a man on the otherside. A full grown rider. He wondered if the man was a father to one of the Candidates and was coming to yell.
"ACM and Candidate counselor T'rifoshe, yes," he said formally just in
case this was someone coming to yell. Best to remind them of his
position as more than just a bronze rider. "How can I help you?" <<

M'gil had so much he wanted to say, had spent the last couple of days
since they arrived working on his speech in his head but suddenly he
felt like a first turn apprentice again under that gaze. A gaze he
knew well and has seen every time he caught his reflection in the
water. It was the one think Kiriona promised him came from his dad,
came from T'rifoshe and he supposed she was right. "Sir my name is
M'gil, formerly Megil, now of bleu Tulioth and Jm Harper and..." and
ya there was more he had practiced he knew it, but suddenly it was
just all gone. It was probably everything that had happened recently,
but he just couldn't keep it up right now and instead after a pause
just added a "Did you just not like me?"


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