Re: A Queen's Panic and Heartbreak atten: Andronda/Foreth/ALL


Now Foreth could hear her, but she was too caught up in her shattered heart to respond right away. The only consolation was that her two gold eggs weren't among the casualties. The sound of her grief was absolutely heart breaking.

((They...I...I...)) Foreth couldn't even finish the private sentence to Nykantiath.

Truenoth had not known, not until Foreth did. He could not see... Still, he could see nothing. But even with the searing sorrow of the loss of their babies, he still had to comfort Foreth, their mother.

((You are not to blame. This was not your fault,)) he insisted firmly. If someone had *done* this, whoever it was, Truenoth would make certain they faced justice, whatever it took.

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