Re: Healer Coming Through - Can You Take This? Attn Any


Cremsden looked at the boy blankly for a moment and then at the baby in his arms as though only just realising maybe he shouldn't be there.
"Okay, listen, you need to find *Margana*, you understand?" he said,
stressing that name, "Blue Zlorenth. Someone with a dragon will be
able to find her. Tell her I'm in there."

He went to hand Arden over, wincing as the boy started to shriek again
at the transfer.

With the little one handed off, Sniffit decided it was time for
drastic measures to get the man to follow.

**FOLLOW SNIFFIT!** he shouted into the man's head as loudly as he could.<<

Eolus nodded at the names committing them to short term memory "Yes
sir. Will make sure a message gets to her." He promised taking the
baby carefully ignoring the shriek he started from habit. Right now he
had more to worry about than what was upsetting the baby, though by
the looks of him Eolus would guess the little one was teething. "I
will make sure this one is ok while you help in there sir." He added
bundling the tiny body close and trying to sooth the little one
rubbing on their back.

He flinched at bit at the sudden shout from what he assumed was the
close by little brown "Sir you better go with the little brown, he
seems rather upset and hurried. The little one will be waiting for you
with me at the creche or Margana." he advised.


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