Re: A Queen's Panic and Heartbreak atten: Andronda/Foreth/ALL


Foreth tried to take stock. Hers was going to be taken care of. Now to think about the eggs. The eggs...Dread rushed through her and she carefully moved to see the eggs she'd been on, easier said than done with there other dragons in the Caverns. Tag turned back to panic and terror as she realized that some of the eggs had been smashed. Worse, now that she could think she could feel and remember where she'd...she'd...stepped on at least some, if not all of them.

She threw back her head and keened like she'd never keened before. The Caverns were deafening and the sound slipped from the Caverns.

All around the Weyr, dragons took up the sound until the air was filled with the heartbreak of a mother whose Hatchlings would never Hatch.

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