Re: And Humpty Dumpty Had a Great...Blast atten: ALL/Healers/guards


The green wher had followed him into the Grounds. ~~'lith, 'noth, hurt? 'sin's here to help.~~ She looked over at Foreth. ~~'RETH, NO MOVE! EGG!~~ It was amazing what she could see through the dust, but with the Grounds being slightly darker, even if it were a rock and not an egg, it would spare Foreth pain of one type or another.

Truenoth growled in annoyance at the wher – another wher telling him what to do! – but he did his best to force himself to calm. He had to focus if he was going to save Foreth and the eggs.

He spoke to Larsin,

((There was a great flash. A loud bang. I cannot see. I fear Talith cannot, either. Foreth is beyond hearing any of us. You must keep the Weyrwoman with us. N'shen arrives.))

"Master Larsin!" N'shen shouted. He was out of breath, having sprinted all the way there. "You heard Truenoth? I... I was here just an hour ago, I didn't... I didn't think... If I had been here, I..."

((If you had been here, you would be hurt or dead,)) Truenoth snapped. ((Help the Dragonhealer now. The Weyrwoman's Guard shouted at Foreth not long ago. Either Foreth smashed him, or he works to pull her free.)) The bronze was still unaware that Kodah had already delivered her to a healer.

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