Re: And Humpty Dumpty Had a Great...Blast atten: ALL/Healers/guards


First the bang, rousing Sunstreath from his light doze, and then the other dragons and Foreth were screaming and Sunstreath added his voice to the mix. ((Danger! The eggs and Foreth are being attacked! HELP!!)) the bronze bellowed, awake and aloft in an instant, flying for the Hatching Grounds, and I'des abruptly changed course, veering from his intended destination to instead go charging after his dragon. He had to get there! He had to help! 


Kalin heard the cries, and Kalisk helpfully interpreted just enough for the guard and his wher to go sprinting in that direction, to help fend off attackers if needed, to help control the crowd that was surely gathering if not. 

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