Re: And the Sun Falls atten: Kassia/Kodah/Healer


Vayka coughed a little as she entered, waving smoke away from her face, but not letting it stop her at all. She didn't go too far in, as she saw a guard coming to Her. Thank Faranth for that. She waved an arm at the fella and shouted. 

"Over hear! I'm a healer, how bad is she? Is she awake? Can we get Foreth calmed down before everyone panics?"

"She's in and out of consciousness," said Kodah as he gently laid Kassia down. "Foreth is barely holding it together; she's not going to calm down for anything less than someone convincing her Kassia is going to live." He was holding his voice steady, but there was an obvious tightness to it. He wanted that reassurance, too.

"My wher is bringing... or trying to bring some help. I don't know who it is. Someone he found running this way. Might be another Healer, might not."

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