Re: Isn't Arolos meant to mean surprise? {Jaseto, T'rif, any}


"Ah, yes, there is a difference between having one gold and two," T'rif said. "One gold Weyrling can be demanding enough as they take extra time and training to do their future duties and how to keep their dragons from overrunning the other dragons and making them do things. Two golds means that much more time and resources put into the two of them. They also tend to be rivals. The last two were definitely rivals, but I don't think even if they liked each other that it would have been better. The two golds will likely compete and try to one-up each other, which could potentially be very dangerous." <<
"So they get extra training as a Weyrling? I thought the Weyrlings
already had alot to learn, how do they have extra time to learn extra
things?" Jaseto would never claim to know alot about their training of
course, but what kid didn't complain when walking a gather even if it
was just briefly? She had heard Weyrlings complain before about their
work load and if it was true how did the golds have so much extra time
to learn extra stuff? "If they are in the same class why do they have
to be rivals? I thought riders were supposed to be able to control
their dragons, so couldn't their riders at least make them get along?"


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