Re: Sooo did you just not like me? {M'gil, T'rif}


T'rif was on the other side of the door doing paperwork. It seemed lately he was either counseling a Candidate or he was doing paperwork about counseling that Candidate. A lot of Candidates were having issues after the run on the Hatching Sands and the tightening of the rules.
"Come in," he called loudly.<<

M'gil hesitated a brief flash, but forced himself not to, he was a JM
and he knew how to not panic, he could do this. He made his way into
the office at the call making a point to push the door shut behind
him, he didn't exactly want the candidates to hear, not when he had no
clue what the man would have to way. The hides all over his desk spoke
of way too much to do and not enough time to do it. He hadn't had to
deal with that very often but he had it often enough that he
understood, though it had been less of a problem in the past couple of
turns, but well that was another thing entirely. "Bronzerider T'rif?"
he asked after a moment of studying the man making sure he had the
right person.


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