Cover Those Tracks (Cover 'Em Anyway!) (jp: Cuylar, Kaylee)


Cuylar had been keeping an eye out for any and all Candidate Healers and giving them the same song and dance. So when he saw Kaylee as he was walking through the Infirmary corridor, he waved.

"Hey! Kaylee. Do you have a minute?"

Kaylee didn't respond right away, her mind was wandering over all that she was learning. When it dawned on her that she had been spoken too, the red-haired girl stopped and looked around for the speaker.

She smiled when she saw it was Cuylar and moved over by him. "Yes Sir?"

"Oh, it's just me," said Cuylar. He smiled. "The Hall hasn't sent me my journeyman knots yet." He smiled. "I've got a bit of, ah, shall we say advice about Candidate stuff, if you've got the time to take a moment." He hoped being a rider himself might help with that a bit.

Kaylee blushed to the roots of her hair. She was still getting used to attention outside of her elder brother, who had impressed a bronze on his first try.

"Sorry Cuylar." She said. Her head tilted slightly as she listened and then she let out a giggle before nodding. "Sure."

Now she was curious.

"Well, I thought it would be a good idea to let you know that if anyone were to take anything from the stores for any pranks, you know, any itchy pranks, well, whoever that might be might want to be very careful to cover their tracks." He winked a very exaggerated wink and then stomped his foot.

"And, well, a Candidate might want to be very careful what they do around old men with very poor eyesight." He widened his eyes as he made eye contact and stomped again.

"You know what I mean?" Some few of the Candidates he had already found had given him a sideways glance and then walked away, but at least one had seemed to take his meaning. And the more of them who got it, the more likely it was the right people in the barracks would get that message.

Kaylee chuckled as she listened and nodded. She laughed at his antics. He was actually one of her favorite people.

"Oh yes. Gotcha!"

Cuylar smiled broadly. That was a promising reaction!

"Good. Glad to hear it. And, you know, in a strictly hypothetical sense, if ever you were to find yourself in a position of knowing certain details about this kind of thing, it would be best if any and all journeymen had plausible deniability. Right?"

"Yep!" She said the smile never leaving her face. 

Her curiosity was totally awake now, like a feline.

"Well. That was pretty much all I wanted to say – how are your lessons going? Did you get to see the eggs before all of… you know, the recent unpleasantness?" Cuylar asked.

Kaylee made a face at the mention of her lessons. There were days where she wished that they were done and days where she didn't want them to end. At his question about the eggs, she shook her head to the negative, red hair flying around her. 

"What happened?" She asked him. She was pretty sure that there had been scuttlebutt in the barracks about it, but she paid it very little mind.

"Oh. You hadn't heard? A girl tried to bum rush the gold eggs. Dressed as a boy, no less," Cuylar explained. "That was why Kassia said no more seeing the eggs. Except for some of the girls, I think?"

Kaylee looked at him her mouth dropping open in surprise. "Why do something that stupid? Have they been sent to see a Mindhealer? I would be spitting angry if someone did that to my dragon's eggs." She said.

Deep down she wanted to be one of those special girls.

"Well, far as I know, Kassia was. Spittin' mad, that is. I certainly don't want to get in her way right now," said Cuylar. "I couldn't say what they're doing with the girl. She was in here just about crushed because Foreth smacked her one good with her tail, but I didn't treat her."

"She's lucky that smack was all she got and good on Kassia for loosing her cool. I am not so sure I would have been gentle if I had been asked to help. You don't make a dragon mad, especially if its a queen in mother mode."

She could imagine Foreth being much like her own mother. A long memory and a short fuse.

"Well, the girl knows it now, that's for sure," said Cuylar. "Not too much longer until they Hatch, I guess. Think you'll Impress this time?"

Kaylee smirked. "Hope she learns her lesson." At the question of her impressing Kaylee shrugged. "I hope so. Last time was a nightmare. I really just wanted to hide in a corner when it was done. My brother always wanted us to impress together. "

"Well, the dragons rarely respect our sense of timing," said Cuylar, giving Elphith an affectionate mental nudge. "But there will never be a better dragon for you than yours. And when you find them, well, you'll know right saway it was worth the wait."

Kylee grinned at him feeling not so pressured on the topic. "Thank you. Hey, if you ever need help with anything, I'd gladly help just ask."

"Same goes for you, of course," Cuylar answered. He smiled back. "If you get the chance, let your fellow Candidates know about some of those things I mentioned earlier." He winked again.

"Of course!" She said with a laugh, her hazel eyes dancing.

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