Re: So This Happened... (Ay'shen/Ambrelli)


Ambrelli flung the door open at his knock, and gave Ay'shen a huge smile.  "Hello old friend!"  She motioned him inside.  "I cannot tell you how good it is to see you.  Or not to have to sulk and hide behind the door while you come inside," she added with a lighter smile.  "How is Ohselth?"  As soon as he got inside, a small, undersized dragonet, gray in color with green veining running just under the skin, giving it a pale green tone, and lacking the normal headknobs of a Pernese dragon stretched on the couch, flexing her talons before slinking off onto the ground and walking up to the rider.  She stopped just in front of him, cocking her head to regard him and then looking to Ambrelli.

"Ilexeth, meet my good friend Ay'shen of Blue Oshelth.  Ay'shen, this is Ilexeth the Unexpected."

Ilexeth turned back to the other.  ((Hello)) she said directly to him.  
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On Sun, Jul 26, 2020 at 4:55 PM Aaron <cobalt.knight@...> wrote:
Like Ay'shen.  So it was that Maerck delivered a hand-written note inviting him to come not to her home weyr, but to the Infirmary weyr in which she currently resided.  She'd been missing him terribly, and if anyone would understand the stares she was now getting, Ay'shen would.

When he arrived, Ay'shen rapped gently on the door frame and called in,

"Hello, Ambrelli? Illexeth?" What an unusual thing to happen to a healer. But then again. It had happened at Arolos before, he supposed. But he had stayed clear of that one. He had been from Fort, too.

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