Re: So what do you think? {Dyarla, Dyrina}


Dyrina turned a bright, inquiring gaze on her younger sister. "Yes, I did hear that." In fact, Dyrina would be surprised had anyone in the Weyr not heard, dragons and weyrfolk being the true gossips at heart that they were. She chuckled. "Upset more than one betting pool from what I've heard."
She arced an inquisitive eyebrow. She had some ideas on where this
conversation might be going, but it was better to allow the younger
woman to get there at her own pace. "Why do you ask?"<<

Dyarla chuckled at that with a grin "I bet. Even if it did happen once
before who would ever bet on two golds especially with how that flight
went. I mean right after fall and how all three dragons ended up? No I
don't think anyone would have guessed that." she agreed.

She paused after that looking out over the lake watching the dragons
for a long moment before finally replying "I want one Dyrina." she
said finally after the pause looking back at her sister "Hatchings are
always exciting, but there are two out there. There are two little
golds, and I want one. I didn't know how much I wanted one until they
were on the sands." she confided in the older girl finally looking
away from the lake and back to the bluerider "Is that silly?" She
needed Dyrina to tell her that there was nothing wrong with it, that
there was nothing wrong with her wanting a gold, as always she needed
her sister to approve of her or at least not disapprove.


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