Re: Hair today, gone tomorrow. (Attn: D'vik/Fabio- Calyse)


Calyse found herself unable to stay mad at the little 'lizard while he behaved so affectionately - even if the stench of burned hair still followed her everywhere. She'd have to do something about that. For now, she concentrated on finding this mischievous thing's owner. Tracking down a rider named D'vik wasn't difficult, and she was given directions to his weyr by one of the staffers passing in the halls. 

Stomping up to the tunnel-side entrance, Calyse paused to tuck her badly asymmetrical hair behind her ears so that she didn't look entirely out of order. She approachd his weyr and knocked several times to announce her presence. "I have something of yours!" She called through the door, clear frustration in her words. "Candidate Calyse here, sir!"

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As soon as the numbweed his his hide, Fabio relaxed into the girls arms with a relived sigh. He knew all about This part of the healing. This was the good part, when the hurt stopped. Though he wasn't so much a fan of being wrapped up. He didn't worry about scars, ladies liked scars. Or something like that. He wriggled slightly as she scooped him up again after putting things away, but made no complaints. One strand of non-torched hair had fallen forwards where he could reach it, he turned and rubbed his little wedge head through the soft locks as if he'd completely forgotten what had happened mere moments ago.
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