A Mission for Justice: Planning (Part 1) ((JP: Yalyra, Orsa, & Yolin))



(OOC: Did not archive dive for info on the 'itchy plant' just kinda based it off normal poison ivy for ease of plot purposes. Orsa is either posted by Kouga, or posed with permission from Kouga. The pranking laundry deliver occurs the day before the camping trip, so that that morning the targeted ACMs *should* be wearing some dosed clothing that will be causing some itchy rashes in quite a few places.)

Yalyra was *tired* of seeing people be bullied, and by people they were supposed to trust enough to teach them too! Shells, this place was worse than Ista somedays, but especially since things had gotten so very strict. She just *had* to do something, and finally she had an idea after several different ACMs had targeted poor Garatt for things as completely silly as just fidgeting. But, she had to talk to her little sister to see if there was something that could work for this. So, one day after dinner and after she'd already pulled her younger cousin aside to let Orsa know what she was thinking of doing, thinking she might need a lookout for this, Yalyra went to see her sister and they took a small walk toward the lake.

Once the three of them were out of earshot of anyone else, Yalyra nonchalantly asked her younger sister "So, have they told you about anything in your healer lessons that can cause a person to get a rash and itch like crazy?"


Orsa was careful to follow a bit behind her cousins, keeping a good eye on who was coming and going and making sure no one got too close or too suspicious of their little gathering. Though she did make sure she wasn't so far away to cause Yolin to get suspicious. She knew her younger cousin too well and knew what would happen if the newly apprenticed healer found out their plan too early.

It took Yolin several moments of thinking before she came up with it: a plant she thought it was they had said "I think I remember a plant." she offered frowning for a moment her brain going over all the information she had been leaning over the past couple of months "If you get it dried it causes some itches that washes off, but if you can find it fresh and just crush is up and get the oil on you it lingers and can cause both and spread a lot more too because oil is harder to get off." she offered out of habit trying to supply all the information she had learned as she would in class and without thinking before looking from her sister back to her cousin and then back to her sister "Why?"


Yalyra was glad that she knew Orsa was watching her back, making sure no one got too close. It felt good to have a partner she trusted to help with this mission.

While Yolin considered, Yalyra glanced over her shoulder at Orsa just to check on things before turning back to her sister to listen. Nodding as her sister mentioned a plant, and then provided more information about getting it dried vs fresh and that oil, Yalyra smiled down at her sister in thanks.

At the question, and in an attempt for her sister to not get in trouble by knowing what they were planning on doing, Yalyra answered smoothly with "Oh, it's just...something like that was mentioned briefly in class one day, as they were talking about the upcoming candidate camping trip, and I wrote down the warning in class. But somehow that hide got wet and smeared, so I couldn't remember *what* it was that they'd talked about. Thank you 'Lin." Yalyra finished with a smile and a hug for her little sister.


Yolin considered her sister for a moment, glancing back once more at her cousin, before nodding at the explanation. "You'll both be safe? I hate I can't go with you so bring me back something if you find anything fun?" she asked, deciding that while she wasn't sure if she believed her sister, not with the way it had taken a moment, and not with wet smeared hide as an excuse, but still she would let it sit. She hugged Yalyra back always glad for that "Promise you'll be careful?" she asked before releasing her sister and looking towards her cousin.

With the look Orsa knew better than to think her cousin was stupid, they both did, but as long as they kept the story all was well. "Thank you for helping to keep us safe Yolin." Orsa agreed, moving to hug Yolin once Yalyra released her, earning the same plea for her to be safe "It's a candidate trip we'll have loads of people keeping an eye on us. I think Papa said he had even volunteered him and C'dan to go." she offered with a grin as she made a small bit of space between them again so she could go back to keeping an eye out for people listening in.


As Yolin looked between her and Orsa, Yalyra worried that her sister was going to question her story and although she hated fibbing to her sister like this she knew she only did this to better protect Yolin from punishment. When Yolin didn't pry at the explanation, and instead moved on to talking about the camping trip, Yalyra replied with "Yes, we'll be safe. Promise. And of course we'll bring you back something fun." She did, actually, feel bad about going on this trip with Orsa and leaving Yolin behind, but Yolin didn't want to be a candidate.

Yalyra caught the look from Orsa and realized that her cousin thought Yolin might not believe her excuse too, but was glad her cousin didn't say anything to contradict her excuse. At Orsa's words, Yalyra nodded saying "Exactly, there will be plenty of people there to watch over us. We'll be fine." As Orsa stepped back, Yalyra gave her worried sister another hug before turning the conversation by asking curiously "So, how's healer training going? You still enjoying it?"


Yolin considered for another short moment at the second hug, but let it go, it was just easier right now and she would just keep in mind to see about a 'cure' in case her sister and cousin got into something they shouldn't. "I've met Uncle V'jal and hardly trust him to watch /himself/. At least he found C'dan, /he/ seems like a smart man and I think he could at least be trusted to keep you /all/ out of trouble." she shook her head at the though of V'jal looking after anyone. It was probably good they were so raised when they met him or who knows how they would have turned out. Really, the greenrider was so... well, something that she didn't have a word for just off.

"Awe he's not that bad, Papa just likes to have fun." Orsa protested earning a blank look from Yolin which caused her to pout.

Sure her cousin didn't have anything /else/ to say on that she returned to her sister's questions. "It is going good. We aren't learning much yet, but it's only been a couple of months and it takes turns before you are really good. I just hope it goes by fast. I would like to be able to do more than just bring someone water if I am trying to help out extra time."


Yalyra couldn't help a grin at her sister's words about V'jal, which she managed to smother pretty quickly before Orsa hopefully saw. She'd noticed the same thing herself about the greenrider's...interesting personality but not wanting to say anything herself as despite that he was really nice to them. And after...so long with Dad just being...there but not really there after both Mamma and Auntie, it was nice to have someone so present in their lives again.

However, Orsa's comment and the look Yolin gave her with Orsa's pouting response was too much and she couldn't hold back an almost snort of laughter which she quickly covered with a hand. Her eyes still laughing, she quickly apologized saying "I'm sorry...so sorry. I couldn't help it, the look you're giving each other..."

Straightening up, smoothing a hand over her hair, Yalyra listened to her sister and nodded at her words. Smiling at Yolin, she said "I'm glad it's going so well for you. You'll learn quickly and be an amazing healer in no time. Things have gotten *so* strict in the Barracks, it's...pretty unbelievable actually. We hardly have *any* time out of the barracks after dinner any more."

Glancing up at the sky, loving being *outside* in the fresh air and dreading going back in and dealing with...those horrible ACMs being so strict for such silly things, Yalyra let out a small sigh as she said mournfully  "We'll have to go back soon, actually...So much papers and hidework we've been assigned, we could nearly fill the lake with it."

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Time jump over the next few days… ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Over the past sevenday since her conversation with Yolin she'd 'forgotten' to put back a pair of firestone breaking gloves during that chore. Then while in the infirmary for those chores she'd sneakily 'borrowed' a small mortar and pestle as well as 4 small bottles that were easily corked and could be hidden in a pocket. Lastly a tea strainer and small 'spreading' spatula from the kitchen had been misplaced. Only then did she return one evening at the beginning of their now minimal free time hours and very carefully and with gloves 'harvest' into a cloth she wrapped around the plant multiple times (so as to be sure not to get any oil on her as she carried it back inside) a small amount of the itchy plant she'd previously spotted out of the way enough in the Weyrbowl to be missed by the grounds keeping crew. Taking her harvested bounty back into the weyr tunnels, she headed to the room Orsa was waiting for her in, an out of the way store room that was very clearly unused based on the amount of dust.

There, over the next few days and in small batches during their free hours, between them the two candidate girls had crushed, strained, and then bottled the 'oil' from these itchy plants into the 4 different small bottles (1 for each ACM target). Yalyra had even thought to test the oil on a piece of fabric, not to see if it was itchy (she did *not* want a itchy rash herself) but to make sure that the oil wouldn't be visible once it was applied and it was totally unnoticeable. The girls were both so careful during this preparation to not get any of the oil on their clothing or on their own skin, as that would have exposed their plan.

During the nearly a sevenday of preparation it had taken *every* ounce of self-control she had in her to not speak up in classes when she witnessed the bullying continue, having to tell herself that she had a plan and to best accomplish it she needed to go unnoticed by these bulling ACMs. She needed to not be considered a 'problem Candidate'...she needed to do things *smart*.

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