Re: Sooo did you just not like me? {M'gil, T'rif}


T'rif wasn't sure who wanted to talk to him. Some parent of a Candidate, probably. Either way, he wasn't chasing around for him.
Kasheth relayed for him. ((Mine is busy in his office, but he would be
glad to see Yours if Yours comes to his office.)) <<

{{Thank you M'gil will be there shortly and he is sorry if he is
interrupting yours.}} Tulioth replied to the bronze after passing on
the message to his rider who's thinks was there if a bit terse.

M'gil did make a point of making sure his uniform was straight, but
well it only did so much for well what ever he was experiencing. He
couldn't help pausing at the entrance to the candidate barracks to
look around, he hadn't ever been in the despite Tulioth, and found
them really not that interesting and not something he minded missing
not that he had seen them. After a long moment though he stopped one
of the passing girls and asked her which way to the man he was looking
for since well 'his office' didn't help much when you were new. He
couldn't help another pause at the door he was directed too as those
doubts crept in, but well he was here and he wanted to know. So with
that he lifted his hand knocking on the bronzerider's door leaving
himself to what would happen now.


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