Re: Good Luck Can Be Uncomfortable (Attn: Reirel/Tamalak)


It had been three months since Tamalak's unexpected Impression to the tunnelwhere, Chato. The novelty for the other wherhandlers--both with and without whers--had worn off. Now he noticed that he was sometimes the recipient of dirty looks--usually when the others thought he wasn't looking.
This unfortunate circumstance had the detrimental side effect of
turning him anti-social in the whercraft. When he wasn't needed for
lessons or chores, he spent more and more time at the Weyr, where he
was viewed as more of an oddity than as an object of envy. So when he
saw someone heading towards him--Reirel, he thought--he put his head
down and veered away.

~Why we go dis way?~ Chato asked.

"I'm avoiding people."


"They're jealous of you. They want to be the ones who have you and
don't think I deserve you."

Chato sat. ~Dey can't have me. You all mine. Dey try, I bite.~ He
showed his sharp teeth.

"No, you can't bite them. Then we'll both be in trouble."

By now, the other person was close enough to hear, if he so wanted to.
Tamalak blushed, hoping he hadn't heard that last remark. Or any, for
that matter.<<

Reirel would admit that he hadn't been paying too much attention to
what he was doing or even where he was going, but with so many whers
around the sound of wher claws hadn't actually alerted him to
anything, no it was the voice. He blinked a couple of times looking up
and spotting the younger boy offered him a grin, he hadn't ever been
able to gold anything again Tamalak or the other boy for that matter
when they impressed their whers. Had he wished it had been him? Sure,
but he didn't hold it against them at all, not after Fort. Fort had
made it very hard for him to hold anything against anyone. After all
it was just that that had forced him into being a candidate when he
hadn't wanted to be one, but it had either been that or know his days
may be numbered one way or another.

"Hello Tamalak and Chato right?" he offered.


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