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Bronwynn noticed that he perked up at her words, and couldn't help but wonder if Z'rain had actually thought she'd be upset or judge him for being happy...even if the happiness was with more than one person. Yes, she'd been raised at Fort but she'd always struggled with how strict they'd been...beyond the fact that it felt like she'd been in danger every day once she'd grown up a bit to be exposed to that side of Fort's atmosphere. So she was ecstatic that he was so happy where he was, regardless of how many people he was with. 

Being an amazing multitasker, as she led Z'rain over to the racks of men's clothes she had and began looking through the hangers she was able to pull a few tunics to show him while at the same time listening to him talking, glancing back and forth from him to the clothing rack during the conversation.

Bronwynn smiled as she noticed him blush when he began talking about 'B'nault' the former miner from High Reaches, and reminded herself to either offer him a shirt made from her 'lighter fabric' for B'nault or see if maybe he'd be interested in visiting to get measured and properly fit, so that he could maybe stay a bit cooler in Igen. 

Then there was 'J'ril' a former runner from Benden, who's also with B'nault. And finally Gabril from Keroon, a master beastcrafter too! Bronwynn couldn't help but look a bit impressed as Z'rain mentioned that, and blushed a bit at his last comment even as she laughed with him and replied with "Oh really? Now I simply *must* meet them all!" 

As she pulled another shirt off the rack, so that she was holding 6 choices, Bronwynn asked "So, 2 riders and a master beastcrafter hmm? Sounds like a full weyr, at the very least. And you mentioned there is family as well, for them? What colors do B'nault and J'ril ride? You mentioned B'nault and J'ril are together, but then talked about Gabril separately. Is he not with the riders? does he feel about the whole arrangement? I mean, I'm assuming it works because you're happy, I was just curious...and you can tell me to butt out and stop asking questions if you need to. I won't be offended."

Heading over to one of her 'changing areas' that she'd set up, Bronwynn held out to Z'rain the shirts she'd picked, all in that nice, lighter, breathable fabric that didn't *look* light and breathable, being a bit deceptive in their looks. With a smile and a wave toward the privacy curtain she offered "Go ahead and try them on. Let me know what you think and which you like more, or even if none of those options work for you." 

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As he finished, Wynn nodded her head saying "Z'rain, really it's ok. I understand. I'm just glad you're happy finally, and you should hold onto that happiness. I just hope I can finally hear about them while we are catching up today." As she finished, Wynn smiled to show she really was ok, as even though she'd been hoping he'd eventually move here with her she did understand. 

With his last words, Wynn put a hand on his arm saying happily "Alright, then let's get looking!" as she turned slightly and waved with a hand at her booth with it's makeshift portable racks of hanging clothes.

Z'rain perked up considerably after seeing that Bronwynn was at least refraining from judging him out loud! He chuckled and followed her to look at the clothes on the rack.

"I'd be happy to tell you about them," he said. "There's, ah. Well. He blushed. There's B'nault. He was a miner before he got Searched and Impressed at High Reaches. And then he found his way to Igen a while later. Took him a while to get used to the heat."

"And there's J'ril. He was a runner. Spent a good bit of his younger days running up and down the east coast up North at Benden. He ended up running up to the Weyr one day, and well, the rest is history as they say. And then he transferred to Igen, too. B'nault and J'ril, they're together, too."

"And there's Gabril. He grew up at Keroon. He's a master beastcrafter, and they brought him to the weyr to work with the herdsmen there. And you should see the man in his herding gear." He laughed. "It's a sight to behold."

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