Re: Lakeside to the Danger Zone ((Attn: Marsali, Rosk))


Marsali's eyes flicked away from Rosk to see the blue shift a bit back and forth as if he was dancing, smiling a little, before her eyes returned to the bluerider making sure to take care to look right up at Rosk's face and not at the expanse of bare chest and muscles. She was *positive* that her face was still quite bright red as she looked up at Rosk, and she didn't think that it would be possible for him to mistake her blushing cheeks for just being reddened from the sun like his were (being totally oblivious to the fact that *he* was blushing a little bit too!).

As he directed her to just call him Rosk, Marsali nodded with a small smile, but she did indeed perk up a bit at the question about runnerbeasts. Forgoing grabbing any scrub brush in her enthusiasm, Marsali's eyes lit up as she said "There are so many different types of runners here, it's been amazing to see them and to get to help brush them. But, I'm still a bit new here, with the beastcraft, so I've not been given leave to actually ride any of them to help exercise them, mainly doing...well, cleaning out their stalls and then washing and grooming the horses. That's all the direct interaction I've had with them so far, but it's giving me a chance to get to know each horse."

"And then at the Gather, getting to see those Callamere White runners racing was amazing! They were beautiful and strong. Amazing confirmation and their stride looked so smooth..." As she realized she was getting into 'ramble' mode, Marsali bit her lip a bit (an unconsciously sexy looking movement) and looked embarrassed as she said "I'm sorry, s- I mean Rosk. I didn't mean to go on and on like that." 

Glancing around for a nearby rock that wouldn't be in danger of getting splashed, Marsali walked over and put down the towel she was carrying. Then, in a surprisingly smooth movement the short girl untied the nearly sheer wrap from her waist before putting it between the folds of her towel (so it had no chance of blowing off) and then slipped off her sandals. Now suitably prepared to enter the water, she turned to the supplies bucket and bent down at the waist to grab one of the scrub brushes. Turning to Rosk now, thinking he'd bring the soapsand and his own brush, Marsali asked politely as she waited to head into the water until he was ready "And, how is it in the kennels?"

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Thinking the best thing to do was to just ignore and power through the totally embarrassing reaction she'd had, Marsali swallowed hard and said with just a bit of a stumble (which she *hated*) "I-I hope you and your lifemate have had a good day so far, Sir. I'm ready whenever you are to assist with washing Fephumith."

((She thinks I'm handsome,)) said Fephumith, delighted. His eyes swirled blue and he danced back and forth from one side to the other for a moment.

"Oh, you don't have to call me sir," said Rosk. He smiled at Marsali, his own cheeks tinged red. "Just Rosk will do. I've got the soapsand and scrub brushes here. And how are the runnerbeasts?" he asked. He thought perhaps talking about something a bit more familiar might put her at ease.

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