Sooo did you just not like me? {M'gil, T'rif}


It hadn't taken long for him to find the other male, not when dragons
were involved at least. M'gil still was not looking too great after
his stint on rations, well ok so he wasn't looking bad, but it was
clear that he wasn't great or even quite like he should either. Still
all that wasn't going to stop the bluerider, not when he had a chance
like this [[Tulioth find him, get us a meeting.]] he demanded once he
knew the blue had the right person.

If he could the blue would have rolled his eyes at his rider's
craziness, but honestly even he was a bit subdued from their stint on
punishment right now. So rather than commenting he he instead reached
out to the bronze it had taken him so long to find {{Kasheth I am
Tulioth and mine is M'gil. He has been looking for yours and hopes
that yours can find some time to talk with him. We know there are
candidates for yours to look after, but it would mean a lot to my

ooc: Trif may have caught word from his dragon or someone that Tulioth
was looking for him for the past couple of days up to you of course.


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