Re: It seemed like a good idea at the time! {Petiner, Kassia}


"I'm sorry you're struggling so much," Kassia said. "Having another being in your head definitely feels weird and I could see how you might not like it. It means that you have to think of yourself and them in a way that no one who's never done it would. You have added opinions and wants. It can be exhausting. One thing you could try is to work on your shields. You don't want to cut yourself off from your wher and you may have to wait until he's a bit older to do this, but you can learn to shut out things like whether he's hungry or itchy or whatever. You'll still have contact and be able to talk to him, but you can maintain more of yourself." <<
Petiner nodded "I didn't realize it would be so odd either, but I'm
not sure it will get easier or at least I hope it will." he offered
considering the rest of the Weyrwoman's words. "That is a good way of
seeing it, exhausting. It is a new way to have to organize things and
it seems to make everything that much harder. He is little though and
I know he doesn't mean to, little things just don't know any other

"Yes Ma'am of course. The Whercrafts were sure to warn me it would be
bad to cut everything off and I have been very careful to not do that
though it probably does help that I am still working on the shutting
things out. They seemed to think though that it was bad to try and do
too much right now though with him so young that it may cause damage
to our bond. I think it was due to me not having any other bonds to
compare it too that I may try and cut off too much?" He wasn't afraid
to admit his failings or shortcomings; it was the only way he could
get better after all.


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