Re: Isn't Arolos meant to mean surprise? {Jaseto, T'rif, any}


T'rif looked at her and tried not to let the surprise show on his face. How could she not see that this was an exciting thing? Well, he could try to explain it at least.
"It's exciting because even though it happened before, it's still a
very, very, very rare occurrence. Especially after a rather weird
flight. Plus, two golds means two gold Weyrlings which is interesting
on his own. And boy was he glad that he wasn't an AWLM. <<

"I've been south now for several turns with my brother after we lost
our parents and it just always seems like Arolos Weyr always has
things going on that would be odd anywhere else. What would be so odd
about two gold weyrlings? Isn't it just two more weyrlings to train?"
Yes if her knots didn't give her away Jaseto would be easily picked
out as 'not from around here' by her questions alone.


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