Re: Lakeside to the Danger Zone ((Attn: Marsali, Rosk))


Thinking the best thing to do was to just ignore and power through the totally embarrassing reaction she'd had, Marsali swallowed hard and said with just a bit of a stumble (which she *hated*) "I-I hope you and your lifemate have had a good day so far, Sir. I'm ready whenever you are to assist with washing Fephumith."

((She thinks I'm handsome,)) said Fephumith, delighted. His eyes swirled blue and he danced back and forth from one side to the other for a moment.

"Oh, you don't have to call me sir," said Rosk. He smiled at Marsali, his own cheeks tinged red. "Just Rosk will do. I've got the soapsand and scrub brushes here. And how are the runnerbeasts?" he asked. He thought perhaps talking about something a bit more familiar might put her at ease.

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