Re: Right Place + Right Time = Loneliness (Attn: Any)


Three months, it was shocking how much Cremmie had grown in just three months. Alyx was very glad she'd taken the leave of absence  in the beginning to get basic training in with him. He'd grown by leaps and bounds, and not just physically. Though that was the part most people noticed, mostly cause it was hard not to. You could really see the northern in him. Cremmie'd gone bulky and was well formed.

Alyx was now used to working night shifts, she'd just gotten back into working at the Infirmary. Now that she was working nights, well things were generally quieter then, and she spent much of her time studying. Tonight was her night off, and she was taking Cremmie for a walk. He enjoyed her days off greatly, because usually it was just the two of them. But tonight, Cremmie spotted one of the tunnelwhers. During training he'd decided that he liked them a great deal. 

{Chato! Is Cremmie! Want to play? }

Alyx caught the edge of his sending to the other wher, and was glad she'd packed the 'hide-em' toys with her.  That'd been Cremmie's favorite game for quite a while. It allowed him to 'hunt' without there being danger to him or anyone else. 

"Hey Tamalak, nice and quiet tonight isn't it?" Alyx asked once they were close enough for human ears.
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