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"Lennaye is your daughter?" He hadn't thought the man was old enough, but then Wingleaders looked younger and younger of late.

He only half-listened to the lecture on what T'ryn found acceptable. Really the matter had been resolved the moment T'ryn claimed Lennaye as his own.

"Fine," he said calmly, once the man paused for breath. "I'll ease off her. But talk to her about paying attention."

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M'ayen was honestly surprised by that, and his face showed it. Of all the people he'd expected the Candidates to go complaining to a Wingleader was not amongst them.

"Garatt, is it?" he said after a startled pause, already readying his arguments for defence.

"No, Lennaye," T'ryn quickly clarified.  "My daughter."  

She had mentioned that she hadn't been the only candidate punished, but she hadn't specified who the others had been, or what had been done to them.  Given that it was M'ayen, he had some inkling of ideas as to what that could entail, but she had stressed that he hadn't actually laid a hand on them...yet.

"I am of the opinion that your so called punishment was far more than excessive for someone caught doodling.  Especially since, given all other reports of her classes and classwork, she's doing quite well.  She is young, and I will more than grant that she was in the wrong, but forcing her to stand at the front of a class holding a book out in front of her for the rest of the class was unnecessary.  Calling her out, having her apologize in front of the class, writing an extra essay or lines, those would have been enough.  But I am very seriously tempted to take this incident up with the Candidate Master if this is the way you intend to keep discipline here.  I will *not* have my daughter scared off from having a chance at Impressing, and I will *not* have her too terrified to actually confide in or learn from her teachers, something your methods are in fact likely to cause." 

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