Re: Is it ok to be happy and sad and mad? {Fellan, E'lis}


::No, my son,:: said E'lis. He had answered the question as such as many times as Fellan had asked. ::You are good enough just the way you are.:: He offered a hug, if the boy wanted one.<<
Fellan considered the hug, he did, and it was very clear he wanted it,
but he had to understand first. He just had to! ::Then PapaE'lis. Why
am I so happy and sad and mad? Hatchings are happy and I am happy for
all the new baby dragons, but we had lost baby dragons too and that's
sad, and PapaE'lis I still want to be out there. Is it wrong to be mad
that they didn't hatch and come find me? If they didn't want any of
them they could have me. I would take one of them PapaE'lis. If the
candidates weren't good enough why did they have to die? I don't want
to be mad about it makes me sad and mad at myself that I could think I
am better than them, or that maybe that was why the baby dragons
didn't hatch. I heard about it happening before back when the
candidates couldn't get to the sands and the little dragons couldn't
find their riders so they died after hatching. I just...:: he
explained, unable to help fumbling a bit as he kept trying to 'talk'
faster in his rush to get everything out before his hands just dropped
as he couldn't find the words to explain.

Sharp, who didn't like the turn in her Pet's thoughts, but also sadly
couldn't exactly do anything to save him from his own thoughts was not
pleased with this. She hunkered down on his shoulder trying to comfort
him as much as she could, but well she wasn't sure what was wrong just
that it had to do with the recent eggs and he big ones.


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