Re: Would you like some help? {Cl'rin, Tyne}


Humming happily to herself, Tyne swept the large brush across the floor. The sensation and sound was deeply soothing. That and it was rewarding in itself to see the dust and debris pulled up and the floor left clear in its wake. Instant progress. Well, until the next time she had to sweep it again. The faire was "helping" having been put to task picking up and removing small items of debris such as small rocks, bits of wood and the like and were cheerfully swooping back and forth across the space. Hopefully in the next several days, her doors would be arriving, proper ones, made out of a sturdy wood and made to measure. They would definitely add a good touch.
Her back was to Cl'rin as he spoke and she didn't look up immediately.
"Yes?" Tyne called over her shoulder, stooping with a small pan to
sweep the small pile of dust and rubble into it. <<

Cl'rin wasn't sure if it was easier that she didn't even look up, but
decided that he needed to do this one way or another so he was going
too. "I came to see if you could use any help cleaning or anything
Tyne." Why did he suddenly feel like a boy trying to talk to someone
they liked for the first time? He resisted the urge to grown and just
hoped he didn't sound as awkward as he felt.

Fuzzy on the other hand was not nearly as reserved. She pealed herself
off her person's arm and all but launched herself towards Tyne
~~Hello!~~ she greeted before quickly following with a ~~Hugs!
Cuddles! Attention!~~ she had visited this one before after hearing
about her from some of the other flits and Fuzzy liked Tyne! This one
talked to them!

Gem for his part cuddled closer to his pet's neck offering a
comforting croon to Cl'rin. He knew his pet felt bad about not being
closer to the big ones's clutch mate's person, but he also knew his
pet was doing the right thing in coming to see her now. He offered his
pet feelings of comfort before finally chirping a greeting to Tyne and
chittering a scolding at Fuzzy that she clearly ignored.


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