Hey what do you think? {Qakry, K'gra}


Qakry couldn't help it when he suddenly realized that it wss so close.
He had been trying to decide for a while of course, but he still
couldn't make up his mind. He would be 12 in a few days and well he
didn't know what he was going to do after that. He knew he could
probably get a bit of time, plenty of others did it, but well he
didn't /want/ to do that! How could he work towards being as awesome
as his Papa if he was stuck here with the babies?

He couldn't!

So what that thought he borrowed a bit of hide and wrote out a note
before convincing Tsume to take it to K'gra. The brown reluctantly
agreed to take it, but that was normal for him and it had stopped
bothering Qakry a long time ago. It was a simple note and he just
hoped K'gra would have time. It said:

~~Papa help. I still don't know what I want to do and I turn 12 so
soon. Can you help me?~~

He had known in passing that it was close the last time he got to
spend time with his Papa, but well it was just that he hadn't bothered
to talk about it then. He had been too concerned with other things.

ooc: figure he and K'gra probably have 'meeting' when K'gra has some
free time, even if it is just him helping to watch Tam sometimes.
Correct me if I'm wrong ... also legit just realized he turns 12 on
28.08.23 ... >.> also also hope ya don't mind the thread heh


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