Re: Hair today, gone tomorrow. (Attn: D'vik/Fabio- Calyse)


Calyse's lips pulled into a sympathetic frown; she never liked to hurt anything or anyone. She'd gone into her craft to help dragons, and flits were *sort of* like tiny versions of them. "D-Don't worry, it'll all feel better soon," she assured the foolhardy bronze. Satisfied his burns were clean, she spread a generous smear of numbweed over the tender hide and then set about wrapping him in bandages to protect the flesh while it began healing. 

"Now don't you go pulling these off," Calyss cautioned. "You don't want more scars." She took the time to carefully put away her tools, fastidious as always, before scooping Fabio back into the cradle of her arms. "Okay, little guy. Let's find your..." SHe checked his collar. "D'vik."

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Fabio watched the preparations curiously. But hurt too much to really move much. But the GoldPet seemed to want to help, even though he make the gold smaller. He truly felt bad about that at the moment, though he'd forget soon enough. As soon as the brush hit his hide he squealed with indignant pain. But didn't try to bite, or go between. But he did hunch down on himself, making a smaller target. While making the most piteous sounds.
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