You Said This Wouldn't Happen (jp: Bl'by, N'shen)


((You haven’t got to panic.)) 

Bl’by looked up from the pile of files he’d been sorting through on the floor, eyes glazing at the touch from Traynth. ((..Panic at what?)) he said warily.

The blue hesitated. ((Talith says someone is attacking--)) he admitted, and tried to sound soothing as Bl’by dropped the files he was holding. Instead he just sounded agitated. ((I said you hadn’t got to panic!))

Don’t panic. Don’t run. Don’t bolt to High Reaches even though ‘attack’ brings all sorts of images, none of them pleasant. Bl’by swallowed and then stood up very carefully and moved to tap on N’shen’s door, standing a little to one side in case the Weyrleader was already dashing out  at the news.

"You heard from Talith, I take it?" asked N'shen. From what he heard from Truenoth, a couple of Candidate boys were trying to get themselves killed. And N'shen hoped there was nothing more to it than that, but considering what had happened recently…

“Traynth says there was an attack, sir?”  Bl’by was trying to sound calm but his hands were wringing nervously, twisting around themselves.

"I think ‘attack’ might be a little bit of an overstatement. I should get to the Sands to check in, but it seems that a couple of the Candidate boys decided listening to instructions was too difficult and found out the hard way what happens if you don't," N'shen explained. That had to be all it was. Who would send boys to do something like this if it were anything more?

“..Oh.” Bl’by’s shoulders sagged in sudden relief and he pushed the pictures in his head away, trying to forget them. “No-- no one got hurt?”

"Well. I think the eggs are fine," said N'shen. "Talith and Foreth seem to have… taken care of the problem. In typical Foreth fashion, I think. And it's not fair to leave Truenoth out of it – if there had been a third such boy without a brain in his head, he would have done the same. It's hard to get Truenoth to pay attention to me; he's too focused on the eggs. But. I think they'll live."

“Oh, thank Faranth,” Bl’by said sincerely, giving a great sigh of relief at the news. “I thought-- well--” That they were coming and people were going to be hurt and bleeding and things were going to go wrong. Which was pretty much what he always thought at an alarm.

"It was my first thought as well, but it seems Talith and the others are more than ready to overreact rather than to underreact at this point. It's probably for the best, anyway," said N'shen. "Is there anything else I can do for you before I go to the Hatching Cavern?"

Bl’by shook his head. “Are-- are you likely to need me this afternoon?” Or could he go find Traynth, or maybe Cuylar or T’baran and spend an hour or two getting thoroughly distracted until the shaken mood went away.

N'shen shook his head. He could likely have found something for Bl'by to do, but there was nothing pressing, and N'shen wanted to do what he could to contribute to Bl'by's healing, not merely give him busy work.

"Feel free to take the rest of the day. I'll see you tomorrow."

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