Re: Right Place + Right Time = Loneliness (Attn: Diagir/Ziya, Tamalak/Chato)


Tam nodded. At least some people understood. "Well, not everyone thinks about it like that. Look at the green--Darling Girl--she Hatched much later. But there was a rockfall and I think it may have hurried the eggs along." He bit his lip. "Some of the guys say that we broke the eggs so we could Impress whatever was inside." He was breathing heavily now, and Chato leaned against his leg and whined.

"Sorry, boy," he whispered.

~~'s OK.~~ Chato threw a glance at Ziya as if to say, "See?"

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"Of course I know that," Diagir replied in surprise. He'd thought the matter settled, but perhaps some of the other apprentices still gave the pair a hard time. "Besides, your case was an emergency- either you Impressed them or risk their lives. Middle-case scenario, Sleek and Chato would go feral. But they are your friends now and you're taking right good care of them by the look of your boy there."

Ziya watched the whelp thoughtfully. She still wanted to meet Sleek properly when her own gold daughter wasn't hatching. The queen remembered Sleek being there when Lustre's shell started to break and how she had driven the other off in protective jealousy. Those tendrils were fasinating and Ziya would be amiss if she didn't admit curiosity.
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