Two Whers Digging in the Wood (Diagir/Diagirsk/Ziya, Any)


At the edge of the forest surrounding the Weyr, Diagirsk was busily digging in dirt and rocks looking for the dummy his handler had buried. It was a game of search and rescue that Diagir had devised to train his pair and so far Diagirsk was proving to be the more energetic of the two. Nearby, gold Ziya also dug for the dummy but at a more careful rate than DIagirsk. While the brown's mind told him to go down, down, down, the queen was more cautious in case the dummy was under just the next pawful of soil and rock.

Diagir stood by and watched his pair with approval. Both were right in their approach and he made note of their different styles. Either could be critical depending on the situation. If time was of the essence, then Diagirsk's powerhouse digging would be what was needed. If the debris was more fragile and liable to fall, then Ziya's careful touch would be preferred. It was like training in Crom for the mines, he thought, just with much more humidity.
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