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"Yeah. You worry, I just go all silent and broody," Tamalak said with a hint of bitterness. He watched the two whers playing on the floor, their tails wrapping around each other. 

It didn't look like anyone else was in the barracks, but he lowered his voice anyway. "I'm tired of being...shunned, I guess. If I didn't have you, I'd go crazy here." Of course, if he and Kalain didn't have each other, they probably wouldn't have discovered the tunnelwhers and accidentally Impressed them. "I was cleaning cages with some of the others today, and they totally ignored me. I hated that."

~~Other two-legs make Tam sad. 'lain is best friend. Is good.~~ Chato told Sleek.

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Kalain's surprise was overridden by a loud "oof" as he suddenly had two whers on his lap. "Off, get off!" He pushed at Sleak.

~Lain no fun~ Sleak said, sliding off with Kato and then starting to tussle with him on the floor next to the bed. Her tail whipped up and knocked over some things on the bedside table.

"Sleak, be careful!"

~See, Lain no fun~ she pretended to pout but was a bit more careful as they played.

Kalain turned back to Tam. "Yeah, I uh, was just thinking. You know, worrying like I do."

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