Re: Right Place + Right Time = Loneliness (Attn: Diagir/Ziya, Tamalak/Chato)


"Yeah. I've talked to my sister some, about what it was like to Impress a dragon. It sounds the same, but with a dragon even more intense." He reached down and scratched Chato's head. Chato, in turn, wrapped a tendril around his finger. Tamalak basked in the love, then reluctantly removed his hand.

"You know that Kalain and I didn't plan on Impressing, don't you?" he blurted.

~~Chato 'tect Tam, Ziya 'tect 'gir, Sleek 'tect 'lain. All is well,~~ Chato said, then lifted a forefoot to clean between the toes. He couldn't help it, he loved to dig, but it made his feet dirty. So he had to clean them.

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"You're allowed to think whatever you'd like," Diagir gently adminished. "You handled his reaction and kept your wher in line, so that's what matters. Chato's looking well and so are you. Though you're entirely right about it being hard to keep your thoughts separate from an Impressed wher's. They're part of your mind and know everything about it."

{Hm, Chato good then,} Ziya decided with a snort. {'tect best job wher do. Ziya 'tect 'gir.}
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