Re: Right Place + Right Time = Loneliness (Attn: Diagir/Ziya, Tamalak/Chato)


Chato sniffed at Ziya. ~~Chato only bite two-legs that make Tam sad. Chato pro-tect Tam.~~ He sat and gave Ziya a haughty look, even though he knew she could put the fear of Faranth in him. But his first allegiance was to Tamalak. His second was to his sister Sleek. Until he was told differently, of course.

"Uh, he was being overprotective," Tamalak said. "Sir." He listened to part of Chato's and Ziya's exchange, and decided Chato was behaving for now. His brain was tired from needing to keep a strong will on the tunnelwher, and wondered if regular whers were as bratty.  Probably.

"I was thinking about something that had me upset. Which I shouldn't have been, but sometimes it's hard to keep my thoughts private, y'know?"

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Ziya noticed the pair before Diagir did and sent the tunnelwher a welcoming call. Diagir, once he was finally able to see the pair, raised his hand in salute but tilted his head at the last thing Tamalak had said.

"Good advice, lad. But the question is, why is your wher wanting to bite?"

{Chato, yes?} Ziya asked. {Chato no bite, be good. Chato bite, no be good. Ziya no hurt Chato or twoleg.}
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